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Shungite, also known as the “miracle stone” and “the stone of life”, is a a unique natural mineral from the untouched north of Russia. While not a crystal, shungite is known to be one of the strongest mineral healers and is used in treatment of lumbosacral radiculitis, osteochondrosis, low blood supply. The Shungite Series will give you the ultimate care of ancient recipes from the north.

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Karelia Organica

We took the various Russian herbs and berries and created our «Karelia Organica». Our products will take you to the world of vast forests and cloudberries, cranberries and blueberries. Our «Karelia Organica» combines high-quality body and hair care. All formulas are based on organic extracts, providing gentle cleansing and intensive care. There are only components of plant origins in our products. We do not use parabens or ingredients derived from genetically modified plants. «Karelia Organica» has become our manifesto to convey a simple idea: «High-quality natural cosmetics can be affordable and can change the people’s way of thinking».

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Green Silk

Green Silk is a series of body products with natural extracts and innovative formulas for easy and pleasant skin care. Products are made of natural oils, juices, extracts. It returns skin’s freshness, elasticity and tone. Give yourself moments of care and tenderness.

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Luxury Oils

Luxury Oils is our new line of care products based on rare natural oils from around the world. The main feature is in the formula, we use argan, coconut, macadamia, saffron, black cumin, neroli, sandalwood, myrtle, laurel and more. The oils gently protect the skin. Our products do not contain parabens and mineral oils, have a restorative effect on the skin and hair.

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Russian Fields

The combination of Russian herbs and modern technologies allowed us to create the most popular and affordable products in «Russian Fields». Give yourself beauty, health, vitality with our face, body and hair care products.

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SPA Collection

We decided to collect the healing power of sea water and minerals. «SPA Collection» will give you the opportunity to feel the sea and recharge your batteries. The basis in this collection is the so-called «Akomarin Sealange Bio-Complex». It contains active minerals, delivered from the Dead Sea, as well as an extract of blue algae spirulina. The complex has intensive moisturizing and nourishing properties, in addition to its high anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activity.

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Le Vernissage Des Fruits

The energy of vitamins and fruit aroma in each bottle! Fresh fruits play an important role in maintaining our health and beauty. In addition to excellent taste, fruits also have healing properties. Fruit extracts are widely used in cosmetology. It is widely acknowledged that they have nourishing and moisturizing effects. Additionally, our products based on D-panthenol perfectly restore water-lipid balance.

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Natura Vita

Tantum verus sensus. This is our principle that we adhere to when manufacturing each product. We invest in our products not only our years of experience, but also a small piece of the soul. The company presents a new line of products for daily intimate hygiene, «Organic intimate». The gentle and safe formula does not contain SLS, parabens and dyes. ECOCERT certified organic extracts provide gentle care and natural protection for intimate parts of the body, and maintains an optimal balance of microflora.

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Our Herbs

«Our Herbs» is based on extracts of medicinal herbs that our great-grandmothers used to prepare decoctions. All herbs are out of ecological areas of Russian countryside, they are harvested according to the traditions of shamans and herbalists.

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The product line was created on the basis of biologically active components. Regular use of shampoos will restore the structure of the hair, prevent hair loss, restore hair strength and healthy shine

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